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Wayne Owen

Title: General Manager / Executive Director

Contact: (903) 639-7538;

NWSA Involvement: Member



  • 39 years’ experience in water resources and regional supply planning.

  • Tarrant Regional Water District, Director of Panning & Governmental Affairs (1984 – 2004)

  • City of Arlington, Texas, Asst. Director of Utilities (2004 – 2006)

  • Tarrant Regional Water District Director of Planning & Communications (2006 – 2021)

  • San Jacinto River Authority, Director of Raw Water Operations (2021 – 2022)

  • Northeast Texas Municipal Water District, Exec. Director / General Manager (2022 – present)     

  • President Elect - Texas Water Conservation Association (TWCA) (2023 – 2025)



Organization Type: Political Subdivision of the State of Texas.

Water Supply: Cypress River Basin, its tributaries, and Lake o’ the Pines Reservoir. 

Population Served: 130,000.

Water Users: Cities, water supply districts, water supply corporations, industrial, and agricultural users.

Total Storage Volume: 250,000 acre-feet for water supply and flood control.

Key Issues/Challenges: Storage contracts, joint use O&M costs, reallocation of storage, environmental permitting, maintaining existing infrastructure, and developing new water supply for future growth.

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