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NWSA members have been actively involved in developing written comments to the U.S. Army Corps proposed water supply rule (Docket No. COE-2016-0016) since it was first published in December of 2016. This process has including multiple discussions with the Corps about aspects of the rule of importance to water supply providers. See NWSA comments.


In addition to the proposed Corps Water Supply Rule, NWSA members are examining ways to improve permitting programs administered by multiple agencies that often add significant costs and delays to the construction of water supply projects. Examples include Section 404 and 408 permits.


Over the next several months, NWSA will be developing a series of policy objectives to pursue on Capitol Hill. While many of these priorities may be addressed through the next Water Resources Development Act expected in 2018, others could be included in appropriation bills or stand-alone legislation. NWSA will be educating members of Congress about these key issues, and NWSA intends to serve as a resource for members and authorization Committees when they consider policy related to the federal government's role in water supply.