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NWSA conducts two general membership meetings each year. 


The Annual Meeting is held in various locations across the U.S., typically in September or October.  The second meeting is held in the Spring in Washington, DC. 


NWSA meetings provide the opportunity to meet with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers leadership and staff to discuss water supply issues in great detail, as well as learn about broader USACE efforts on policy and regulatory initiatives.  This regular and direct interaction between NWSA and USACE strengthens mutual understanding of the water supply issues and challenges that must be addressed through a coordinated and collaborative partnership. 


NWSA meetings also include presentations by other federal agency representatives, congressional staff, water resources experts and researchers on current and emerging water topics.  In addition, the meetings provide a forum for NWSA members to share information and experiences in water supply planning, policy and management at the federal, regional, state, and local levels. 


NWSA meetings are open to all who are interested in water supply issues.  We welcome non-members and friends to join us for highly informative meeting sessions and valuable networking.  Click on the respective Meetings subtab above for detailed information on upcoming meetings. 

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