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Sarah Kirkle

Title: Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs

Contact: (909) 387-9215

NWSA Involvement: Affiliate Member



Sarah Kirkle is the Director of Policy and Legislative Affairs for TWCA. Sarah came to TWCA from Texas 2036, where she was the director of policy and planning and focused on education, infrastructure, health, and natural resources policy. Previously, Sarah spent 13 years at the Sunset Advisory Commission, where she was a member of the agency’s executive management team and became an expert on the legal and regulatory structures of water policy and water district operations in Texas. Sarah also has extensive experience with state agencies, including the Texas Water Development Board, Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, and Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation.



Organization Type: Nonprofit association of Texas water professionals.

Water Supply: N/A

Population Served: N/A

Water Users: N/A

Total Storage Volume: N/A

Key Issues/Challenges: N/A

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