• Dave Mitamura

Update on NWSA Annual Meeting status

NWSA leadership continues its planning for our virtual Annual Meeting, to be held via Zoom on Thursday, October 29th, and Friday, October 30th. Each day will consists of two sessions not to exceed a total of three hours. A registration fee will not be charged for the virtual Annual meeting, as approved by the NWSA Board.

Coordination with Corps of Engineers leadership is ongoing, but scheduling is an issue due to MG Spellmon's transition activities and overwhelming demand for his time as he moves into his new position as Chief of Engineers. While we hope for Corps leadership participation at the Annual Meeting, we are expecting very productive discussions on water supply issues with the Corps water supply team.

The preliminary agenda will be shaped according to this rough outline:

1) Corps of Engineers leadership overview and water supply priorities;

2) Deep dive discussion with Corps of Engineers water supply team on issues of interest;

3) Policy presentation on water supply; and

4) NWSA business meeting

a) Board elections

b) Committee reports

c) Policy discussions on key issues, including WRDA

Please note that three Board seats are up for election at the Annual meeting. If you have any interest in running for a seat, please notify davem@nationalwatersupply.org. Dave will share all candidate information with the Nominating Committee for consideration. Also note that a quorum of members (10 of 19) is required to hold a Board election; thus, your attendance at the Annual Meeting is very important.

More information on meeting agenda and registration will be provided via The Spillway and posted to the NWSA website as the details are finalized. Please mark your calendars for October 29-30 for interesting and focused sessions, including a deep dive discussion with the Corps of Engineers on addressing water supply issues moving forward.

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