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Brad Brunett

Title: Central and Lower Basin Regional Manager

Contact: (254) 761-3102;

NWSA Involvement: Vice President



Brad Brunett joined the Brazos River Authority (BRA) as a Hydrologist/Planner in 1997.  In his 25 years with the BRA, Brad has served in a number of positions including Regional Business Development Manager, Hydrologist, Senior Hydrologist, and Water Services Department Manager.  He has been in his current position as Regional Manager for the Central and Lower Basins since 2018.  He and his staff oversee BRA water supply and treatment operations in the Brazos River basin from just north of Waco to the coast near Freeport.

Brad received a Bachelor of Science degree in Hydrology and Water Resources from Tarleton State University in 1994.

 He and wife, Angie, live in Whitney, Texas.  They have three grown children (Kaley, Cole, & Brock), a son-in-law (AJ), and a 2-year-old granddaughter (Layke).



Organization Type: Political Subdivision of the State of Texas.

Water Supply: Brazos River, its tributaries, and eleven reservoirs (8 US Army Corps of Engineers & 3 Brazos River Authority).

Population Served: no data.

Water Users: Cities, water supply districts, water supply corporations, industrial, and agricultural users.

Total Storage Volume: Approximately 2 million acre-feet for water supply.

Key Issues/Challenges: Maintaining existing infrastructure and developing new water supply for future growth.

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