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Over the past six months, NWSA leadership has been involved in a variety of contacts and issues. Some key initiatives are:

On April 7, 2022, NWSA President Dan Buhman and Executive Director Dave Mitamura met (virtually) with Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Army for Civil Works, Mr. Jaime Pinkham. The introductory meeting was an opportunity to reinforce the importance and benefits of NWSA’s partnership with the Corps of Engineers water supply team, and to encourage continued Corps engagement with NWSA.

On an ongoing basis, Board member Glenn Page and Executive Director Dave Mitamura have been maintaining discussions with the Government Accountability Office (GAO) and the Ohio Department of Natural Resources on challenges and frustrations with Corps of Engineers billing for operations and maintenance activities at Corps reservoirs. At issue is the allocation of expenses to water supply, inconsistent billing practices, lack of transparency in expenditures, and management of payments. Dave has briefed congressional committees on the issues, and the Senate WRDA bill includes a provision for GAO to evaluate Corps O&M billing practices and procedures. Glenn and Dave will continue to work this issue.

Pursuant to the DC Roundtable meetings, which included interaction with the federal agency water subcabinet, Executive Director Dave Mitamura has been working with the Western States Water Council, Interstate Council on Water Policy, and key federal agency staff to recommend a plan for more regular engagement with the subcabinet, and to better focus the discussions. As this engagement evolves, Dave will notify NWSA membership with detailed updates. To view the follow up letter sent to the subcabinet, click the button below.

Executive Director Dave Mitamura maintains communication with other water organizations to ensure that messaging is consistent, and issues are identified in a timely manner. In addition to individual communications, Dave has participated in panels to discuss NWSA’s mission, activities, and priorities. For example, in the past few months, Dave has served on a panel with the Executives of the National Waterways Conference and National Water Resources Association to discuss coordinated efforts.

Subcabinet Letter 06-24-2022
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