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House Appropriators outline a process for a partial return of Earmarks

Van Scoyoc Associates has collected information on the limited revival of earmarks in the House.

Highlights include:

-- Members of the House will be limited to 10 project funding requests “though only a handful may actually get funded.”

-- The Member database for submitting earmark and programmatic requests will become available on March 29th and will remain open until “mid-April.” This means that House Appropriations Subcommittee deadlines will fall somewhere in the range of March 29th and mid-April.

-- Submissions require demonstrated community support as a condition for an earmark to being considered for funding.

Two critical but as yet unknown variables:

-- We still do not know which accounts are eligible for Congressional earmarks. Each Appropriations Subcommittee will be soon providing letters outlining which accounts within their bills which will be earmark eligible.

-- We still do not have definitive word yet on House Republican Conference participation in this limited revival of earmarks.

For more information on the House process related to earmarks, click on the buttons below.

March 2021 Earmark Dear Colleague
Download PDF • 155KB
Guidance on Community Project Funding
Download PD • 113KB
Directions for Member Certifications
Download PDF • 69KB

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