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George Otstott

Title: President, NETMWD Board of Directors

Contact: (214) 498-8616;

NWSA Involvement: Board of Directors; Chair, Outreach Committee



George Otstott was appointed to the board of NETMWD in 2018 to represent the City of Jefferson, Texas. He was elected to the board of NWSA in 2021 where he serves as Outreach Chairman. George is also the Marion County representative on the Region D Committee of the North East Texas Regional Water Planning Group of the Texas Water Development Board. 

George received his B.A in English from S.M.U. in 1965 and his J.D. in 1968. He has practiced trial law in Texas since 1968 and is the senior partner of Otstott & Jamison, P.C. headquartered in Dallas, Texas.  George was born and raised in Dallas, Texas. He and his wife Michele moved to Jefferson, Texas, in 1988. They have one son, George Jr., who is a practicing attorney in San Francisco.



Organization Type: Political Subdivision of the State of Texas.

Water Supply: Cypress River Basin, its tributaries, and Lake o’ the Pines Reservoir. 

Population Served: 130,000.

Water Users: Cities, water supply districts, water supply corporations, industrial, and agricultural users.

Total Storage Volume: 250,000 acre-feet for water supply and flood control.

Key Issues/Challenges: Maintaining existing infrastructure and developing new water supply for future growth.

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